Alberta North Payroll outsourcing,Payroll services When is it a good time to outsource your payroll solutions?

When is it a good time to outsource your payroll solutions?

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As an owner of a business who might employ other people, you’re probably only too aware of the problems of payday. This calls for lots of paperwork and information that needs to be sent to the various departments and so forth. But have you considered outsourcing payroll duties to another company to offload some of that work? And when is a good time to outsource payroll solutions?

What is outsourcing your payroll solutions?

Payroll outsourcing is when a business or company allows another company or agency to manage their payroll administration and paperwork. This will be in exchange for some kind of fee per employee. Some popular third-party payroll service in Australia include, Payroll Management Services and ADP.

What does outsourcing payroll offer?

Payroll services typically offer services like working out payroll and tax payments, printing and delivering paychecks and regular management reports. Whether they send out weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay slips and reports depends on the company. Some companies also provide payroll software to update and automate employee benefits.

When should you consider payroll outsourcing?

It’s a good idea to consider outsourcing payroll solutions when your company is experiencing a few changes. A business should think about payroll outsourcing for a few primary reasons: simpler payroll system, better knowledge of paying local and federal taxes and ease of mind,

  • Simpler Payroll system

When your company starts expanding in other international regions, often understanding local laws about employee taxes can be a mine field. Thankfully, if you outsource your payroll service, it can be far easier.

  • Better knowledge

Payroll outsourcing companies will be specialists in understanding what taxes and repayments are owed from each employee, especially when dealing with local laws for an international company. As each employee will most likely have different payments to be deducted from their paycheck, the payroll service will take all of this into account.

  • Ease of mind

All of these factors (simpler payroll system and better knowledge) will give your business peace of mind as keeping the payroll procedure in-house can become a hassle. This is especially true if your company is expanding rapidly and have other priorities to handle.

  • More convenient

If your company has more than 100+ employees, and is expanding rapidly both in its home office and internationally, it will be difficult for the payroll administrator to keep track of each employee’s repayments or taxes due. It is always worth comparing local companies in terms of price and services offered before committing to one service.


Payroll outsourcing for your business can be financially viable if researched correctly and an efficient payroll service is chosen. If your business has hundreds or thousands of employees with wide-ranging shift patterns and different paycheck releases, especially if different departments are across different countries, then payroll solutions are definitely worth considering. If your business is also undergoing rapid expansion in a new territory and you are unfamiliar with the local laws and procedures, a local payroll service is worth consulting to make sure you are paying due diligence. If you consider payroll outsourcing, do be sure to compare prices and services before committing to an outsourcing company.